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About Me

A hardworking former 12-year Marine with two degrees, one in Computer Engineering and another in Video Game Development. I am driven, self-motivated, always striving for the best and passionate in all that I do. If I am not working on a project, I am spending time learning something new or further improving my skills within the game development pipeline.  

Unreal Engine 4
Virtual Reality
UE4 Blueprints Scripting
Single Player
Game Systems Design
Unity 5
Game Art Content Creation
Motion Capture
Steam Pipeline

Services I Offer

I offer a one stop shop for all your creative needs. I am disciplined enough in many aspects of the game development pipeline thanks to my education and self-motivation. Everything that I do is packed with dedication and expertise, you will enjoy working with this true professional.


I have the ability to rapidly prototype whole games or just core game mechanics to suit your needs. This can help you save precious production time to see if the core of your game is even enjoyable. The time range for completion can be as little as a day to a few weeks, depending on the scope of the project.

Game Framework

Do you actually want a solid foundation for your game? This goes beyond mere prototyping. This is where I will set up your game systems for you with ease of building on top of it. This is as close to plug and play or the make-game button as you’ll get.


Need some help squashing some bugs? Or just another set of eyes to make sure you’re not going crazy? Maybe you’d just like some help with optimizations or UX/gameplay design choices.

Private Tutoring

1 on 1 private tutoring is available. Hourly based.

Full-time/Contract Developer

Do you just want all this goodness just for yourself? You’re in luck. I am available to work on projects either full-time salary (30+ hours/week) or contract based (hourly or project based).

Full time: Available to relocate or work remotely (experienced).

Contract: Only remotely.

Free Stuff

I am not just some greedy developer. If you need some quick tips or help on a project, just get in contact with me and we’ll see what we can work out. Also follow me on YouTube or Twitch where I will have some free content available and be able to answer questions if I’m live.

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