Highschool 101
Speak Softly And Carry A Big Stick

Game Jam Finalist
Created for July’s UE4Jam in 2016, the theme was “Speak Softly And Carry A Big Stick”. We had a lot of ideas floating around, from a library setting (which a few other submissions had thought of) to finally agreeing on a school setting, thinking we would be pretty unique (we weren’t, another entry had a school setting). In this, the player has to help the class cheat on their exams in order to pass, using whatever methods necessary!

Team consisted of five members. Overall an excellent and well-round team. Kudos especially to the art team.

I contributed to the programming.

We used Hacknplan for task management.

We used a home Perforce server as the source control method.

We used Discord as our main source of communication.

We ended up winning July’s game jam and even had a Jacksepticeye playthrough. All in all, with all the YouTuber playthroughs, we hit over 10 million views.

Download: itch.io