Oh Who Knows

Theme: Goodbye Clone

Created for January’s Unofficial UE4Jam (hosted by yours truly), the theme was “Goodbye Clone”. Our idea was simple, there was an original host and then there were the clones. To win, you had to kill the original host. Killing a clone would kill you. You could communicate with emojis, but so could the original. Everyone had a weapon, but the original had a few extra things up its sleeves. 7-player multiplayer mayhem where deception is the key to victory, or just plain luck.

Team consisted of four members, two on programming (including myself), the other two on art. We went a bit out of scope on this one, a lot of the art was unfinished and it was a bit buggy, but at least we had a playable product within 72 hours.

We used Hacknplan for task management.

We used my home Perforce server for source control.

We used Discord as our main source of communication.