20-week Senior Project

Winner of The Rookies' Game of the Year in VR award

Centauri is a 1v1 Multiplayer Platformer Shooter in Virtual Reality. You are a scavenger sent to an alien planet in an attempt to find advanced alien technology that can save your home planet. Unfortunately for you, some space pirates are also here looking to steal the technology for themselves. Fight off the space pirates, defend yourself from the dangers of an alien world, and unlock the secrets that will save the world!

Created for my senior project, the original team started out with four core members, then we added some sound devs to the team as contractors, and during the second half, we recruited additional artists and one more sound dev to the team.

I was the Lead Programmer on the team and during the first half I was also the Production Manager, ensuring a smooth transition to using Perforce source control (I was the only one with the experience), Hacknplan as a task management system and getting ourselves set up with Google Docs for various miscellaneous things. We ended up using Agile/Scrum methodologies versus Hacknplan for the vast majority of the project, due to the additional costs for a burndown chart.

We used Discord for remote communications whenever we did not meet up on-site.

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