Fourth Wall Breaking

Theme: The Sky is the Limit

Created for UE4Jam March 2016, the theme was “The Sky is the Limit”, to be honest, we had a rough time trying to figure something decent out, our creative juices were not flowing. But I knew I wanted to try out my Perception Neuron Motion Capture System for this jam, so with that and a character I created in iClone, we literally made a game set in the sky, the limit being our imagination at this point. It’s sort of an ed-tech game, where the player has to unscramble words made from baby blocks to allow the baby that’s shooting out of the cannon to successfully break through the words to get to the other side and get to his cookie.

Team consisted of two members.

I did all the art, motion capture, systems design and half the programming. All assets except background music were created in the 72 hours.

We used the now-offline Perforce Helix Cloud as the source control method.

We used Skype and Slack as our main sources of communication.